Our stamps are made of high quality clear photo-polymer and manufactured in the United States exclusively for Inspired by Stamping.  They are of exceptional quality which will be obvious from the first impression!

All stamps are un-mounted, meaning that they are not permanently attached to a base or wooden block. Use of a clear acrylic block, sold separately, is required.  We will soon carry acrylic blocks here at the store, until then, they are readily available at your local arts and crafts store in many sizes to suit various sized stamps.


Stamp sets will arrive packaged on a transparency sheet with a printed image of the stamps on an acetate sheet. This is great for replacing your stamps after use.


Typically, our stamps will not require any “conditioning” before use. However, occasionally some chemical residue may remain due to the manufacturing process. This may prevent even coverage of ink on the stamps’ surface. In that case, a light rub with a white artist’s eraser over the stamp will take care of this. We ask that you watch this video to see who we condition our stamps for perfect stamping each time.

Before and After Washing My Stamps



The stamps have a natural tackiness that allows them to adhere to the acrylic blocks without use of adhesives. Over time and use, your stamps my seem to lose that tackiness due to dust and lint build-up.  If this should happen, simply wash the stamps gently in warm water with mild soap. Allow to air dry and return the stamps to their transparency sheet.

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