We thought it would be a good idea to help answer a few of our FAQ’s here about checking out with us! We have found that with us being in Australia and some of our customers in different parts of the world that this page might just help us out during our release. Smile 

If we did not answer your question here, please click here to view our FAQ section. We hope this information helps you with your purchase and future purchases as well.


The new product for each release is scheduled to go live at 7pm EST on the night of the 10th. All items are set to go live at this time. We upload all product at the same time so there is no delay for you in viewing all product.


While we try our very best to anticipate demand for our new release products, on occasion we do not have enough inventory on hand to meet everyone’s needs.  Normally we are able to order more of a product the morning after the release and have it back in stock in approximately 2- 4 weeks.

If you are interested in a sold out product, please click on the “Notify Me” button and an email will be sent to you personally when these items are back in stock.


If you have a gift card from the IBS store that you would like to use there are a few things you should know.

Where do I enter my gift card?

There are a few places to enter your gift card and varies per person. If you are a member to the store, you will enter your gift card AFTER you have gone through the PayPal process. Here you will be returned to the store, where you will make review your purchase, enter your gift card and make your final purchase.

If you are not a member of the store, you will be directed to enter you gift card BEFORE proceeding to PayPal to checkout. Here you will checkout and pay for your product.

Please note if you can not find where to enter the gift card, PLEASE send us an email or a note with your purchase and we will gladly refund you the money.

At this time, only one gift card or code can be used with one purchase. We do not allow multiple gift cards to be used at the same time.


If you ever have a question about shipping times, please refer to the Shipping Policy on our website, Please Click Here.

We understand that the majority of our customers live outside of Australia. When ordering during normal days during the month, we make sure that your package leaves our facility within 24 hours of ordering during business hours. There is no post in Australia on Saturday or Sunday.

During the release, your package will be shipped within 24-36 hours of ordering, not including weekends. We have a team of people that are ready to ship your product immediately during the release and work around the clock to make sure that this happens. We understand how important your order is and do our best to get your order out in a timely fashion.

Once your order leaves our facility, shipping times will vary. Please understand that during holidays, Easter, Christmas, etc., your parcel will take a few more days than normal to get to you and there will be delays.

We do our best to communicate with our customers but at this time we will not be offering tracking on packages. If you must have tracking, please understand that it will cost you an extra $17.50 addition to your order. We are more than happy to send you an invoice from PayPal for this amount.


We currently offer FREE shipping for those customers who purchase $70 or more to anyone in the world.  If you qualify for FREE shipping, please be aware that the shipping method may change based upon the weight of your package. We reserve the right to ship your package using the least expensive method.

Thank you so much for reading this section! We appreciate your business so much! And look forward to receiving post feedback from you, our happy customer!