Hi there,

If you have landed on this page that means that you are having troubles and I am so sorry to hear this! I have created this page to help you get through some of the common difficulties.

Nothing Is Working!

If your password, Facebook or Google + log in isn’t working with our website. We ask that you delete your cookies. Cookies are created while browsing websites so that the website will load faster and create a better overall experience. There are 100’s of websites featuring how to delete cookies from for the browser you are using. We ask that you do a search “how to delete cookies” and follow these steps. After your cookies are deleted, please re-enter our website. Everything should be good to go.

Why such long passwords now?

A few weeks ago WordPress updated their core file. (This is what our posts and pages are run on) With this update, they have installed very high security passwords now. Very frustrating for many of you. Although, I would like to change this, I cannot. If I do, it could lead to hackers, hacking into my website. This is something that I have personally paid hundreds of dollars each year to prevent and definitely do not want to test it or try to see if someone can hack into my website. So it must stay the same. I apologize for this.

One other tip, please write your password down somewhere safe. Unfortunately, I can not see your account and cannot help you nor tell you what it is. It is an encrypted file that I can not even view.

What can I do to avoid these passwords?

Since we do not allow you to store your credit card information or any other security information on our website, I have placed two different other ways that you can log in. This is through Facebook or Google +. This will avoid the hassle from now on. Plus, your profile picture will now be linked with your account page. Which I absolutely love because now I can see your gorgeous faces!

I can not reset my password! Why?

When you reset your password with our website, you will be emailed a new link to our website. This link can then be clicked on and you will be able to reset your password. IF this does not work, please go to your settings in your browser and clear your cookies and history. This will reset our website and you can then click on the link that you were provided via email and it should work. If this does not work, please open another browser, such as Google Chrome, FireFox, Safari or Internet Explorer, copy and paste the link and then proceed from there. If this still doesn’t work, please log in using Facebook or Google+. Again, we do not store any private information on our website and it is perfectly safe to do so. By doing it with Facebook, this will prevent many of those problems that you are experiencing.

I didn’t get a password when I registered? Why?

Please check your email that you used when signing up with our website. There was a password that was generated for you and has been sent to you. You will have been automatically logged into our website and will be able to check out our online classes. If you would like to change your password, please make sure that you go to “My accounts” page. Here you will be able to enter a password that fits you.

Again, I am truly sorry that you landed on this page. I am constantly trying to update and make sure that you, my customer, are first & foremost protected! And also that you have a place to enjoy learning and creating. If you have any questions or are still need of help. Please fill out the contact form below. Thank you. Happy Crafting, Joanna