Hello my dear crafty friends!

Irit is here today with a small and lovely Gift box tutorial.

I know that this is a Christmas time and everyone makes Christmas presents.

But my present is for all times and can be given on Christmas day, but it’s totally general one and you can make it for any occasion.

 Here is something about this project:

I love shrink plastic a lot, but I barely use as you need pretty big shapes or stamps for this product, unless you really want to see micro mini shapes after the heating.

So those new, just released, Inspired by Stamping roses from Garden Roses stamp set were just perfect for shrink plastic experiment.

Why is it an experiment? Because I used four different coloring mediums on stamped rose before I picked the best version for the final project.

So here is my tutorial for you:

1. Stamp two roses images over white shrink plastic. As this was an experiment I tried both Memento and Ranger Archival black inks. The upper roses are stamped with Memento and the bottom with Archival and I like Memento better. I know that the images are not very sharp. But as we are going to cut them from the plastic sheet, it really doesn’t matter.


2. First use very cheap acrylic from Plaid to paint the images.


3. Now move to distress markers from Ranger and color the second pair of images.


4. The third medium used was Art Anthology dimensional paints (Sorbet and Velvet).


5. The last paint used was High Impact from Tattered Angels.


6. Let all paints dry and cut out the shapes. Use your heat gun and heat the images.

That’s how they look when shrunk.

The upper lefts are distress markers painted images.

The upper rights are Plaid acrylics painted images.

The lower lefts are Art Anthology painted images.

 The lower lefts are Tattered Angels painted images.

As you can see the distress marker leaves a very pale color.

The bottoms two have these bubbles that maybe interesting, but totally not perfect.

The only images I loved are the cheap plaid acrylic painted ones.


7. So as you can see I make a few more Plaid painted roses and arranged them over distress looked painted old metal box.

I used Glossy Accents to glue the plastic roses and my small gift box was ready.

Inspired by Stamping, Irit Shalom, Garden Roses stamp set, Gift Box, 3d Gifts

Inspired by Stamping, Irit Shalom, Garden Roses stamp set, Gift Box, 3d Gifts

And here is a close- up to the roses again:

Inspired by Stamping, Irit Shalom, Garden Roses stamp set, Gift Box, 3d Gifts


I really hope that you liked my tutorial and will try this technique with more Inspired by Stamping stamps!

Any big stamp will work here!


Product list:

Not Listed – Art Anthology- Velvet and Sorbet paints


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