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Leave a comment below telling me what’s your favorite summertime memory? Deadline is 11:59 pm EST on 7/8/16. The winner’s name will be randomly selected and posted on my “Winners page” on July 9, 2016 and here on this post! Please make sure that you leave an email address so that we may contact you directly also! International crafty friends are eligible, too!

19 thoughts on “July Newsletter Tutorial, Info + Giveaway!

  1. Mary Roberson says:

    Hi, my favorite summer memory is being barefoot and having fun playing carefree…picking blackberries,grapes, etc.

  2. Gilda (McStamper) says:

    The butterfly cards are beautiful. So many summer memories. But one i remember from long ago is sitting in the yard late in the evening with friends and eating watermelon, visiting, and playing. My childhood was wonderful, so many happy times.

  3. Trina P. says:

    Beautiful cards. My favorite summer memories are the road trips my family of 7 took squished in a tan colored station wagon. Good thing my siblings and I were small. We seemed to have stopped at all the rest stops and my mom would always feed us every time even when we were not hungry.

  4. Indy says:

    Wonderful butterfly cards! One of my favorite summer memories is picking blackberries with my mother. We would be traveling on country roads in Indiana and when we spied some wild black berries, we would stop and pick and eat some.

  5. Karen Sessions says:

    My favorite summer time memory is enjoying ping pong & badminton with my family long into the evenings when there were hours of extra daylight.

  6. Chrissie says:

    My favourite summer time memory is during a road trip through Arizona, that first sight of Grand Canyon with all the beautiful colours. Amazing!

  7. Mynn xx says:

    This is absolutely fabulous, Joanna! I LOVE the soft feel this technique can create! Gorgeous creations! Sending HUGS–can’t wait for more fun happenings here this month! 🙂 Mynn xx

  8. TracyM #6773 says:

    BEAUTIFUL butterflies!!!
    My favourite summer memory was from a HOT SUMMER NIGHT. It was my first time going for an evening swim in the sea. My husband and I went down for a late night dip, the water was so warm, the sky filled with stars and the best part was yet to come. Every movement in the water triggered a beautiful glowing light. It was so exciting to find that we had bioluminescent life in the water – WOW – an experience of a lifetime!!!

  9. Berina Febin says:

    Beautiful coloring!! Both cards are beautiful!! My favorite Summer memory is going to the beach often!! I grew up in the southern most part of India and we are surrounded by sea/ocean on all 3 sides. So we have a lot of beaches. We used to go to beaches on weekend evenings..

  10. vinita jain says:

    This is my favorite stamp and love these watercolored butterflies!
    There was a funny incident when i was little. In the summers I visited my uncle’s house. And one morning when we were going out for sightseeing on his scooter, my uncle thought that i had sat behind him when in fact I actually was left behind. The funny thing is he didn’t realise that I was missing and only got to know about it when he reached his destination!

  11. Brandi R says:

    Love those butterflies! Absolutely gorgeous!!

    My favorite summertime memory…..well, the most recent would have to be my pups being born. Their birthday is July 2 ♥♥

  12. Barb Macaskill says:

    What a beautiful card!! My favorite Summer memory is when we were camping and I got REALLY sick from something I ate and was puking all night. Because I was so sick I slept outside the camper in a lounge chair. I remember laying there and looking up at the sky that was so full of stars that it looked like diamonds. I was either 9 or 10 and it was the first time I realized how big the galaxy is and I often look back on that night fondly even though I was so sick! I felt like I was the only person awake and seeing that beautiful sight!

  13. fitkitty1 says:

    Beautiful butterflies! Your cards are gorgeous! My favorite summertime memory is when I was a young child, probably 10, and we had a trailer at a lake – very fun memories of that time!

  14. mjmarmo says:

    Summertime meant road trips from NJ to Michigan. My mom and sisters slept in the back of the station wagon while I read maps for my dad. My grandmother’s house was an old farm with a wood cookstove. I always burned the cookies! I remember listening to Tigers baseball games on the radio with my grandfather. Those were the days!

  15. Denise Bryant says:

    Gorgeous cards! Can’t wait to see the tutorial! I have the markers but would love some tips on using them!
    My favorite summer memory was a trip to Yosemite my family took when I was about 8. We camped for several days there and had quite a few family members along.

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