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Happy New Year crafty friends! I hope the holiday season was filled with love, laughter and good cheer. Did you have a break? I did, well kinda sorta, with 3 teenage kids it was kinda a break. What I found so relaxing was the ability to get away from the hustle of life and just create. No deadlines, no have to’s, just pure creativity. For me that felt amazing, to let go and explore creativity. Drawing, doodling, lettering has always been my passion and I was able to just do all of them to my hearts content….and sooooo I started thinking, (I do that way to much sometimes ;)) wouldn’t it be fun to create a place where all my crafty friends can hang out together and share their work too?! A tribe of us ladies or gents that can just snap a picture and share with other like minded crafty friends. So on a whim, I decided to create a Closed Facebook Group just for this purpose.

Inspired by Stamping 2016 Journal Page

What I mean by a Closed Facebook Group is a place for all us crafty friends to create together. To share our work, whatever we are working on, far and wide, across the world. I have soooo many friends in ALL countries throughout the world and I would LOVE for them all to hang out with me. A place where all of us can come together as friends and create. We all need support at times with our creativity and other times we just need to share. And I need that too. This is why I would love to create a closed Facebook Group of just creative gals and guys. Just take a photo with your phone, no blog posts needed and share what you are working on. Or create with our new challenge below.

So today, I am officially introducing our Inspired by Stamping Art Class.Inspired by Stamping, Joanna Munster, January Art Class 2016

Why a class? I am calling it a class because no matter where we are at or in life, we are all beginners at one point. We all must start somewhere. And with a class we all can share and teach each other new techniques, new ideas, new fonts, new ways of art and everyone can come with an open mind no matter what stage of “art” you are at. Inspired by Stamping 30 Day Art Challenge - January 2016

Every month, I will be posting a new calendar of promps (shown above) that will help get your mojo going. You are more than welcomed to follow along or you can post what’s on your creative desk. A card, scrapbook page, mixed media, watercolors, anything that you would love to share and say “hey, this is what I am working on, what do you think?”

Each day on our Facebook group, I will be posting the “theme” of the day. Here you can add a photo in the comment section of what you are working on. The odd days are for lettering, drawing, or stamping. The even days are for doodling, stamping and crafting. Missed a few days, that’s o.k., you can go back and post a comment there too. Working at your own pace and your own time is really what this is about. Want to create all of them, go for it! I just created three days worth while sitting and watching tv.

Do you have to use Inspired by Stamping stamps? NO, you can use anything that you have on hand. I am not asking you to purchase my stamps as this would limit your creativity. This is open to everyone and everything. I only have one request and that is I ask that you do not link to my competitors as that isn’t far to me either.

Inspired by Stamping, Joanna Munster, Butterflies Stamp Set, Journal Page, Watercolor page

Why is it a closed group? Having it as a closed group allows me and everyone in the group a chance to see what is going on. That means I won’t miss anything! As most of you know, you only see 1% of our posts on our Facebook page. It is such a bummer and Facebook asks me to pay a fee if I would like for you to see a specific post, a very hard & expensive thing to do for a small business. Having a closed group also allows me to get to know you as a friend, artist and fellow crafter. And that makes me super excited!

Inspired by Stamping, Live Your Dreams, Poppies stamp set, Watercolor jounal page, Lettering

So are you in? I’d LOVE to have you join! You don’t have to do anything. It’s free.  You can even be a silent observer. That’s o.k. too. Maybe after a few weeks or months, you will feel brave enough to share something. I’m just happy to have you here with us!

If your in, you can join us here….

Before I go, after the 15th I will no longer be doing the IBSI challenge. Over the last few months participation has been down and it is to hard to keep it going. So I will no longer be running the challenge. I have all of 2016 colors, sketchs and on trend items done and I will be adding them to the Facebook group throughout the month as a little extra for my crafty friends to do if they choose.

One more thing, next week Monday starts a new release. Very exciting! The designers and myself have so much to share. It will be super exciting. I hope you are a follower on our Instagram page because that is where the blog candy will be this month. It’s where I hang out and on our new Facebook page too. I will see you again on Monday!

With love and paper hugs, Joanna xoxo

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