Inspired by Stamping, Joanna Munster, Valentine's day Wreath Tutorial, Watercoloring

Hey everyone! I am back again today with a tutorial on how I watercolor our new free digital stamp! I’m really excited to share this tutorial with you. I have ordered new items to start videotaping again but have not received all the parts. Sooooo, I hope to redo this tutorial in the future with a video. Let’s get started!


If you haven’t already, you can download this new free digital stamp when you sign up for our newsletter. It is our free gift to all our subscribers this month as well. You can sign up for our newsletter here or on the top bar of our blog.

Inspired by Stamping, Joanna Munster, Valentine's Day Wreath Tutorial

After downloading the stamp, shown on the right hand side,  you can then play around with the size before printing on the computer to fit your needs. Here you can see that I enlarged it slightly then the original stamp and then printed it out. After printing your image, you will then want to trace over it with tracing paper and a pencil. For a great tutorial, please check out Leah’s no line watercoloring tutorial.

Inspired by Stamping, Joanna Munster, Valentine's Day Wreath Tutorial (2)

After tracing the image, I placed it on top of the watercolor paper and used a bone folder to transfer my image. As you can see some of the lines are a little bit darker, that’s o.k. we will erase them soon.

Inspired by Stamping, Joanna Munster, Watercoloring Wreath Tutorial

Now comes the fun part! Watercoloring! The paints that I am using are Winsor & Newton artist paints for my first wash of color. I have found that when using watercolor markers, it is best to still have a complete layer of watercolor wash. The markers will move around the paper better when you have this layer down. Also just to note, after this layer dried, I went in with an artist eraser/rubber and gently erased the harder lines of my drawing.

Inspired by Stamping, Joanna Munster

My second layer of watercoloring, I carefully went over my flower and leaves with a medium hue of the color. This protects your lighter colors so you don’t accidently go over them with a darker color.

Inspired by Stamping, Joanna Munster, Step 3 tutorial.

My next step is creating the darkest hues on my image. These I go over with my darkest marker. After the paint/marker is dried, I then fill in with my mid tones and my light tones with my markers. Between each layer of ink, I lightly spread it with water on my watercolor brush. I continue to do this over and over again, until I feel as though the colors blend perfectly. This stage can go on forever until you are happy with your tones. While the leaves are drying, I moved onto my flowers and back and forth until complete. Time it took me was less than an hour.

Inspired by Stamping, Joanna Munster, Valentine's day Wreath Tutorial, Watercoloring

Here is my final piece. Remember there is no right or wrong way of coloring, just work from your heart and focus on looking at the different hues in your artwork. Watercoloring should be fun, so take your time, relax and enjoy yourself. I do lots of my coloring while watching tv in the evening. I sit with a lap table and just color away. Smile

Inspired by Stamping, Joanna Munster

If you have any questions, leave a comment below! I am here all weekend to help. Plus, we are gearing up for our release this week! Eeek! So fun and so exciting! See you tomorrow with our designer feature segment! With paper hugs and love, Joanna xxx

11 thoughts on “Watercoloring Valentine’s Day Floral Wreath Tutorial

  1. TracyM #6773 says:

    BEAUTIFUL card and FABULOUS technique!!!
    THANK YOU for the CREATIVE INSPIRATION, tutorial and digi – I am working on my very rose-filled watercolour heart wreath 🙂

  2. Stephanie Adams says:

    I can’t remember how I got here but I’m so glad I did. Have immediately signed up for your newsletter and received in return the beautiful digi stamp above. I love the watercolouring trend that is around right now and can’t wait to have a go and make an arty card for my husband with it. Thank you so much for this wonderful freebie. Let’s hope I can find you again! Stef x

  3. Lisa D. says:

    Very pretty and thanks for the tip on transferring from the tracing paper to the watercolour paper. Great idea! Thanks so much for the lovely freebie as well.

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