This weekend, Brad and I tackled my craft room once again. Over the wet season, mold started to grow on my bookcases, desk and furniture in here. I was so disheartened and upset about it. I would clean the mold and it would appear within a few days. So this weekend, everything once again came out of the room and we painted it all. We painted the bookcases & walls and varnished the desks, baskets, and printer table. What a job! I finished putting everything away last night and wanted to share a few photos of my new space. And I took a little video too! I hope you enjoy!

Inspired by Stamping Before

My craft room is off the main living room. Here is the before. The color was a light tan color with chocolate tiles. A bit too brown for me, with my dark desk and bookcases too.I must admit I do like color.

Inspired by Stamping craft room

We moved all my craft room things out into the living room. Thank goodness for helping hands because it took all 4 of us an hour just to bring it all out of the room!

Inspired by stamping, painting

I chose a light mint green color that I had already. A few years ago I bought it for my laundry room which I changed my mind when we moved here. So this paint has been sitting here waiting to be used. I thought we’d give it a try in my craft room. I was amazed at how it matched our Vintage Floral paper pad!

DSC_0008 copy

And here’s the finished room (well almost finished, I still have to hang pictures, etc tonight on the wall.) Here’s my desk. I have all the things I love and use on a daily basis on my desk here.

Inspired by Stamping, desk

I store my dies in these little baskets and my embossing folders. I also store my markers that I use for my Kikki K planner. My basket below contains, glues, stamp cleaners, adhesive tapes and glue dots. On the side are containers for foam dimensions, rhinestones and pearls. I also keep my stamp cleaner pads here too. I have all my favorite things and gifts in the cubbies and a little place to add drops of essential oils for my room to smell pretty. Smile

Inspired by Stamping, Joanna Munster

Next to my desk is my bookcase filled with boxes. Each box has a tag on the front letting me know where things are. Here you will find my jewelry beads, string, bow maker, extra glues, more paper, extra ribbon, punches, etc. In the drawers in my desk, is where I store all my color paper.

Inspired by Stamping, Copic Markers

I store my sewing machine, big shot and copic/spectrum noir markers here. On top of the bookcase is also a print out of color combinations that I use often with my Copic markers. My kids no longer love Elmo but I do. I couldn’t part with him. He just makes me smile. Smile

DSC_0013 copy

Here’s a closer look at my bookcase with all its boxes. I ended up purchasing the boxes from the cheap shop for $3 a box. Such a great deal! The lady at the store looked at me funny yesterday when I purchased so many of them. LOL! I do love my boxes. It makes for a tidier space which I have no closet or built ins and you don’t see the mess anymore!

Inspired by Stamping

In my whicker baskets is where I store my little cuts of paper in white, cream, kraft and other colors. The bottom drawer is filled with my bigger Sizzix dies for the big shot. I use to store my buttons in these little drawers but I currently emptying them and putting my jewelry beads here.

Joanna Munster, Inspired by Stamping

I painted these old bookcases this weekend white to match the top shelves. They turned out just like new! Here I have all my older stamps from different companies before IBS. I also have my 12×12 paper and my kids craft supplies too, such as, markers, pencils and craft paper.

Inspired by Stamping, ribbon, buttons organization

Here are where all my ribbon and buttons reside. Plus, my glitter and embossing powder is on a lazy susan.  I love the lazy susan as it makes it so easy to find which color I want to use for my project. The container is filled with my larger paint brushes and jewelry making tools. And my diploma for my bachelors degree. I have a framed one for my Masters that I will hang up today too.

Here is a little video of the layout. Brad and I are talking about putting a table in the center of the room so that I can create here with a place to sit at. I am thinking of getting it made to fit the room.

I hope you have enjoyed visiting me in my new space. I have never had a room like this before and am so excited! I have a little bit more tweaking to do but I love it! Let me know what you think too!

Thank you to Nicole for created such a wonderful card for us today too! She will be our featured designer every other Wednesday starting in May! We are so excited to have her on our team.

Have a great Monday! See you tomorrow!

Big hugs, Joanna xoxo


9 thoughts on “My Craft Room Redo!

  1. Robyn Oliver says:

    Hi Joanna…you’ve done a wonderful job in your craft room, looks amazing – it’s all organised and spiffy clean – but I must warn you that you live in the tropics and this mould may continue to be a problem. We lived in Darwin for 14 years and every year after the wet season we would wash down all the walls with sugar soap or diluted bleach, inside wardrobes watch your clothes and especially leather shoes. Sorry but I hope you have better luck than we did. Love your blog and your floral card is gorgeous. Cheers Robyn

  2. Migdalia says:

    A BEAUTIFUL card!!! I would love to have more crafty space in my room…to buy more stuff..LOL
    Have a wonderful day,

  3. Verna Angerhofer says:

    I love the gorgeous floral card. So pretty with all those wonderful bright colors. And, I adore your crafting area. Mine is all over the house as I have no place for my own, but I manage to make it work as best I can. So happy for you!

  4. Mom says:

    WOW!!! Both the card and your craft room looks amazing! Both have given me some inspiration reorganize and create!

  5. Linda F says:

    Nicole card is absolutely stunning. I’m really loving the current watercolour craze. Great craftroom redo. I hear you about the mould. Even in Brisbane it gets bad, it loves to grow all over my timber bookshelves. I love timber but it does end up fuzzy and green sometimes

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