On Facebook, this weekend, I promised a few photos of our snorkeling weekend adventure. Here they are, I do hope you enjoy them!

This past weekend, we were able to go out on our new boat for the first time in months. It is the rainy season here in Australia and it has been wet, hot & humid. Being from Michigan, it is always a challenging time for me with the heat. I would like to say by now I am getting to use to it but I am not. We also had a few cyclones that came close to our house this season too. That was a new learning experience for me too.

Inspired by Stamping, Joanna Munster

While kayaking back to the boat, this beautiful turtle came up to visit us. It was amazing! He/She was absolutely beautiful and I was able to take this quick photo of it. Sorry about my foot in the way & the water on the lens! This is truly an action shot. Haha!

Inspired by Stamping, Joanna Munster

He/She even swam underneath us and I quickly stuck my underwater camera under the water and got this beautiful picture. I love the barnacles that are growing on its shell. It must be pretty old.

Inspired by Stamping, Joanna Munster

Inspired by Stamping, Joanna Munster

This beautiful wrasse came and visited us while we went snorkeling. It was so beautiful and huge! He would swim along side us while snorkeling.

Inspired by Stamping, Joanna Munster

I have never swam with so many fish before. There were so many of them and they would come right up to your face mask and hit it with their nose. It was absolutely amazing.

Inspired by Stamping, Joanna Munster

Here’s a photo of a giant clam. Courtesy of my daughter, Tessa.

Inspired by Stamping, Joanna Munster

The beautiful Great Barrier Reef. The coral just went for miles and miles with beautiful and colorful fish. It was a beautiful weekend.

Inspired by Stamping, Joanna Munster

Here’s a picture of the swollen river down the road from our house. We live in the rain forest and this shot just says it all of the tropical wet summer.

I hope that you have enjoyed my photos. I have been living here in Australia now for almost 4 years. It is a very beautiful country filled with so much beauty. If you are ever in the area & come to visit, please let me know!

Big Hugs and we will see you tomorrow with Friday’s inspirations!

With love and paper hugs, Joanna xoxo


16 thoughts on “A Few Photos To Share

  1. Linda F says:

    Fantastic photos. Could you send some proper rain down to Brissy. We’re just getting drizzle which does nothing but annoy me when I want to hang out the washing

  2. Kelly Sas says:

    Just found your site & am so glad I did!!! The cards are inspiring and your weekend photos are AMAZING! I live in WI & can’t help but be jelous of your living in such a beautiful place. I am now off to check more of your blog especially how a MI gal ended up in Australia. (I have lived in both upper & lower MI for many year each)

    • Joanna M. says:

      Thank you so much Kelly for writing! A Michigan girl too! That’s awesome. I really enjoyed ready your comment. Thank you! Joanna

  3. Mom says:

    Loved your photos! You live in an amazing place! Summer is over, now you can enjoy the cooler Autumn!

  4. Robyn Oliver says:

    Fabulous photos Joanna, the colours are brilliant and you got to see the turtles. Bet it’s a bit wet up there today, it’s been raining heavy overnight. Lovely to live near such gorgeous beaches. Have a great weekend

  5. Judy Woodland says:

    Whoa, big turtle. Your photos are awesome! We woke up to some more snow here in Northern Michigan this morning. But, spring is approaching, and I know you are looking forward to fall. Lovely prize package this time. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  6. Janis in ID says:

    Spectacular photos!! Thanks for sharing your adventure. Love the internet for this.
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  7. Vithya says:

    The barrier reef is breathtaking. I have been wanting to visit it since I was a school kid. Perhaps in a few years’ time, I would have saved enough to afford myself a trip.

    The pictures are so beautiful. Love it!!!

  8. marcelle baldwin says:

    Beautiful photos Joanna! It’s gorgeous up your way, I live in Brisbane and have never been that far up , hopefully one day!

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