Hey everyone! This morning was an early one here as I dropped off my son to camp for a week. He was super excited and a bit nervous this morning. I think it is going to be a quiet week here as he is my most energetic one of the three.

I have had a major clean of my craft room yesterday. Over 8 hours! Yikes! I have discovered I have paper issues. Yep major issues. Why do I feel I have to save every little piece of scrap paper? Even the smallest ones that you can’t even stamp on? Do you do this too or is it just me?Inspired by Stamping It's Your Birthday Stamp Set and Card

Today’s card I made for the October release this month but didn’t share. I wonder if I am creating too much? So I scaled back this month and have a few extra cards to share over the next week with you. I hope you enjoy.

Inspired by Stamping It's Your Birthday Card (3)

I started off using some Confetti Cream Cardstock that I found the other day. I then used some scrap paper for these layers. Yep, more scrap paper! LOL! I then added some Cream Crochet Lace and this White Seam Binding Ribbon from our store.

Inspired by Stamping _ Joanna Munster

I love the new It’s Your Birthday stamp set. It is so versatile. You can dress these banners up or leave it plain. For the final touches, I added 2 red flowers from our store and scattered rhinestones throughout.

I hope you have enjoyed my card today. Before you go, I wanted to share a few pictures of my personal life.

On Saturday morning we woke up with 3 wallabies (a smaller version of the kangaroo) hopping around our backyard eating the grass. It hasn’t rained (till today) for 2 months and it has been super dry. I have been trying to get a shot for a few months now but my hubby grabbed these. I hope you enjoy them.

Inspired by Stamping Kangaroo

Inspired by Stamping


The kids are also learning to sail. Here’s a photo of my youngest, Lizzi (she has the Hello Kitty hat on) laughing trying to help the little boy into the boat. It’s been a fun few weeks for us. School finishes in just 8 weeks! Yikes!

Thanks for letting me share. We will be back tomorrow with a fabulous tutorial from Shea! You will LOVE this one!

Have a beautiful day.



8 thoughts on “Make a Wish

  1. Lori H says:

    Your cards always look beautiful Joanna! The more the better in my opinion. Your daughter looks like she is having a ton of fun. Thank you for sharing your pictures…loving the Wallabies!

  2. Pooja says:

    Wow ! Such a beautiful card ! Hey Joanna not just you but most of the crafty ladies(including me !) loves paper scraps no matter what size it is 😀 !!

  3. Cheryl Wright says:

    Joanna, your card is soooo beautiful! Yes! I save too many paper scraps and they overtake my craftroom. LOL

    Love your personal photos. Great to have a peek into your life.

  4. marcelle baldwin says:

    What a pretty card Joanna! Yes i LOVE paper too, and used to keep every bit, but only keep small pieces of white or cream card now, for sentiments. Love the “home” pics as well!

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