This month has been so much fun!  We hope that you have enjoyed the last few days and have been inspired!

Today, I am sharing my favorite projects or cards from the design team and one of my own favorite too. Please click on the links below each card to see more details about their projects.

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leah 1

Click Here for more details on Leah’s card.

Halloween 1 (wol) jpg

Click Here for more details on Shea’s project.

IMG_0156 copy

Click Here for more details on Tina’s project.

washi1 (1)

Click Here for more details from Grace Tolman.

IBS septblocks5-colleendietrich

Click Here for more details on Colleen Dietrich’s project.

Collage of Book

Click Here for more details on Vicki Dutcher’s project.

Bag and Card_7754

Click Here for more details from Pam Bray.

IBS 982013

Click Here for more details from Calypso Bastian.


Click Here for more details on Rebecca Deeprose’s card.


Click Here for more details on Kendra’s box.

IBS Sept 6th a

Click Here for more details on Rose Miller’s projects.

Inspired by Stamping Christmas Birdcage - Holiday Sentiments

Click Here for more information on my birdcage.


Please leave a comment below telling us What is your favorite childhood memory or tradition growing up during the Holidays?  for a chance to win a $40 Gift Card from the Inspired by Stamping Store!

My answer would be on Christmas eve my Mom and Dad would always give us a new pair of pajamas to wear for Christmas morning. We loved it wearing new soft p.j’s while unwrapping gifts from Santa. It now a tradition that we do with our children too.

You have until 5pm AEST, Brisbane time or 2am EST,  Wednesday, September 11th to add your comment and be eligible to win. Only one comment per person please. One randomly selected winner will be announced on our Winners Page no later than 7pm on Monday the following day.

Thank you to everyone for leaving a comment and sharing with us our excitement! We look forward to reading your comments!


40 thoughts on “September Design Team Highlights & Our Last Blog Candy Contest!

  1. silvia haynes says:

    Fabulous projects!! My favorite childhood memory is ~ every year I would fall asleep by the fireplace while trying to wait up to see Santa.

  2. Vijaylaxmi Siyal says:

    Wow…awesome releases and fantastic projects from all team members….loved all creations…!! My Favorite Childhood memory during vacations was the time we all cousins spent together for a long month…and playing so many games whole day & then fighting for win…laughter n leg pulling of each other is still so fresh in mind that i can never forget those moments….!!love that time n wish i cud live those moments again…!!
    thanks for the chance Joanna..:)

  3. Jennifer says:

    This release was so awesome! All the inspiration, cards and decor were amazing! My favorite memory from Christmas is being able to open one gift on Christmas Eve. Always got us excited for Christmas morning!

  4. Carol Lucas says:

    Love your stamp sets this month and all the wonderful projects. My favorite memory from Christmas past is the Christmas eve service at church which always included a visit from Santa at the end. Good memories!

  5. Ina says:

    Have loved seeing all the different projects the design team have made. So much fabulous talent. My favourite memory of Christmas was waking up in the morning and opening our stocking at the bottom of our bed and finding my favourite comic’s annual book. I looked forward to getting them every year as my parents would buy my girly comic weekly before heading to their friends for their card night and I would fall asleep reading it. I would then run to my parents to show them what SANTA had left.

  6. Sue D says:

    We had to wait at the top of the stairs until called down and the unwrapped presents were from Santa and the wrapped were from family.

  7. Hayley R says:

    A day spent with family and friends even though we never celebrated the holiday in the traditional way (belong to a different faith)

  8. Janis in ID says:

    Love these projects the DT made! All the Christmas ones are really getting me anxious for winter!
    One of my favorite traditions we had was using the same Christmas ornaments from year to year. Mom would alter some of the decorations, but there were some that were non-negotiable and we had have each year. Now, my family uses those ornaments. 🙂
    <3 J

  9. Liz O says:

    Beautiful creations ladies!!! Lots of wonderful inspiration, TFS Joanna!…My favorite memory is to help my Dad decorating the Xmas tree every year… he loved the season so much, we would start in early Nov. To make or decorate our ornaments for the year -he was the o e who chose them every year and the o e who dusted the tree too ;)- so by early Dec. We would gather everything and decorate our tree, after his passing my youngest sister took on the tradition :), it is also my favorite time of the year, thanks for all you do and share!
    Have a wonderful day!

  10. Denise Bryant says:

    I love all these cards and projects! Such great new designs!
    One of my favorite memories is decorating with my Mom for Christmas. She is now 91 and each year I try to get down for a visit with her in early December and give her a hand with her decorating at her house. She loves it!

  11. Miriam Prantner says:

    Wonderful new sets and projects! My favorite Christmas memory is when my mom tried to save time and didn’t wrap the whole box that contained my doll house (it was one of those that you put together and was really big). My brother and I got up early to go shake presents and when we flipped it over got to see it!

    • megan says:

      I forgot to leave you my favorite memory… It would be that every year we went as a family to cut down our fresh Christmas tree. We all piled in the car as mom and I wanted to listen to holiday music and the boys complained 🙂 Drove out there and had hot chocolate and cut our tree!

  12. Sue A says:

    Beautiful projects! My favorite holiday memory is the candlelight Christmas Eve service at our small, country church. The favorite carols, story and twinkling lights were just magical! Thank you for the chance to win this fabulous blog candy.

  13. JennyH says:

    Fantastic release this month and great samples from everyone.
    Christmas day always hot, either at the beach or by the pool and always with a cold Christmas lunch as the main festive meal, then leftovers for a week : )

  14. Karen Hawkins says:

    Awesome creations! My favourite memory/tradition was that the night before christmas Mum and Dad would be in the loungeroom wrapping presents and us 3 kids would peek through the keyhole into the loungeroom.. they’d hear us (of course) and we’d all go running/thumping back up the hall to our bedrooms and pretend to be asleep! lol

  15. Sathya Kala says:

    Lovely creations….My favorite childhood memory during holidays was, when my granny teach us old traditional indoor games of south india, especially the Palaguzhi we say in our regional language…Its my most favorite of all indoor ones apart from learning craft works 🙂

  16. Linda F says:

    Thank you for sharing so many gorgeous creations. Being in Queensland our Holidays were always filled with sun, sizzling BBQs, salads and splashing in the pool. I remember one year we have a thunderstorm a couple of days before Christmas with hail, nothing of a damaging size, but lots of it. My sister and I collected loads put in the freezer to put in our drinks at Christmas lunch. We thought this was the coolest thing ever – even the bits of grass amongst the hail in our drinks didn’t worry us.

  17. Samantha Slaughter says:

    Great Release. My favorite childhood memory is receiving a new ornament every year. I still have them all, and they mean as much now as they did than. I continue the tradition with my own children. I love finding the perfect one, its so much fun.

  18. Carmen says:

    Just placed an order… Loving you new stamps.
    My fav memory is being so excited that I “had to” sneak a quick peek at what my gifts were. Just a little tug, peal a little tape and wow look what is under the tree for me.
    Years later Mom shared how she knew what we had been doing!

  19. Cheryl Wright says:

    My greatest childhood memory of Christmas was when my aunt would come to our house for a week or so to do the Christmas baking. It was such fun, and we’d all pitch in and help. We’d have Christmas puddings hanging from the roof for weeks, and the smell was wonderful! (That’s what we did way back then – very traditional puddings. Guess I’m showing my age!)

    It was a fantastic time, and getting together was more important than anything else.

    Thanks for reminding me of such a wonderful time in my life, Joanna!

  20. Martha H. says:

    All projects are simply wonderful! This is the my favorite time of the year.
    My childhood memory is when we used to bake cookies, and leave them for Santa to eat. Now, my girls are big, but when they were smaller, they too would bake cookies for Santa! Not only did the house smell “yummy” but seeing my girls baking and getting excited that Santa was coming, was priceless. Oh, why do they have to grow up?!?

    Thank you for the chance to win a gift card!

  21. lisa808 says:

    Great release and everyone’s samples were amazing during the previews.

    I remember and think about how we would listen to the ‘tracking’ of Santa Claus on the radio. Also, going to mail our letters to Santa was always so exciting.

  22. Phi says:

    Beautiful creations.

    When we were young my mother works long hours and till very late at night and on almost all public holidays. Most years we didn’t put up a tree for Christmas. But on every Christmas morning we would wake up and rush to the lounge room to find tiny cloth wrapped bundles tied with string hanging from our ceiling fan. In it would be a yummy treat, a handwritten message and a little Christmas money to spend at the stocktake sales. Us kids would then wrap up our little gifts in the same cloth and sling it over the fan for mum for when she got home. One year we got her a pair of massage shoes (you know..the ones with the ouchy bristles). We didn’t bother wrapping it, just slung it over the fan as is joined by an elastic tie. It was an ugly sight but mum loved it just the same.

  23. Ellen Parker says:

    Joanna all of the projects have been stunning this month! Love you and your DT!

    I always loved Christmas morning because my Dad was the biggest kid among us. He would wake everyone up once Santa had come by, that was usually by 2am lol. Then we would go back to bed until about 5am when he would be out waking the neighbors (they were my aunts and uncles houses). Everyone would then go to our Grandparents house and have a big Christmas breakfast. There were about 20 of us there and the Christmas tree in the living room just kept piling up with gifts! Once breakfast was done, Grandpa gave out the gifts. He would call out a name and if the kids were good we could take the gift and give it to the recipient. Once all done there we went back home and the rest of the day was each family visiting all of the others to see what Santa left and eat more goodies. I miss those days and my lovely family.


  24. Benzi says:

    The cards and projects have been exceptional this month. Such a talented group of girls. Christmas cards are my favorite to make and anyone knowing me knows I LOVE snowmen better than anything. Halloween is sooooo fun to me, too. We have hundreds of treat or treaters making the night a spooooky one. 🙂 You’ve all shown super designs for both.

    A hard one to answer but I always loved when my Dad and two brothers went to the woods to cut a fresh cedar tree. It smelled so wonderful and was so much fun to decorate. Then, my sister and I would also decorate my grandparent’s tree (after making all kinds of fun things to decorate with). I have so many wonderful memories of Christmas and it is still magic to me.

  25. Paulette says:

    Your catalog leaves me smiling to see how far your dream company has come in so short a time. A sweet Christmas memory of mine is how my Mom would make Christmas so special for a mother-less family who lived next door. Angels are definitely among us!

  26. Cathy says:

    Great releases, and so much inspiration! My favourite christmas memory is decorating the tree with our bought and hand made ornaments as a family. I still make ornaments and the boys help decorate, especially the top branches! Cathy x

  27. Shan McKee says:

    As always your stamp release is amazing! My favorite Christmas tradition/ childhood memory is every year at Christmas my grandma and grandpa would light a fire in the fire place every Christmas Eve and we would sit in front of it with a cup of cocoa. After drinking the cocoa, my grandma would fill her special candy dish with my favorite ribbon candy and allow me to have 1 piece before bed. She would then tuck me in to bed early so “Santa” would be sure to come visit. I would always hear something on the roof at night and later found out that my grandfather snuck out side and would toss a few tiny rocks on the roof and jingle some bells so that I would hear when Santa would visit. Lol. Hope everyone has a wonderful week.

  28. Tina Doyle says:

    Mum would make sausage rolls and we would all go to midnight mass and father christmas would have been when we got home. We would unwrap our presents and have supper before going to bed.

  29. lisascreativeniche says:

    Beautiful work ladies and fabulous release! My favorite tradition is Christmas Eve… we all go to my Aunt Mary’s house where Santa Clause comes later at night and gives gifts to the children and exchanges gifts for the adults, and now that we have two little ones of our own the magic of Christmas has brought so much joy into our lives!

  30. Liz says:

    Beautiful cards and projects to inspire a start to my Christmas crafts. Thanks for all the lovely new stamps to get me started.

  31. blueyedscrapper says:

    These are all absolutely great Christmas cards—One of our traditions is making some new ornaments every year. The kids make at least 2 special ornaments…either by paper, wood, etc., and I put the year on it and the name. We usually always have a very large tree, so it is always full of beautiful ornaments.

  32. Pam says:

    So much inspiration! Great release. My favorite childhood memory is waking up Christmas morning to find the tree. As the oldest of 8, you can imagine the size of the gifts surrounding it, The look on my younger siblings faces and their joy & excitement is a memory I will never forget.

  33. Margie D says:

    Some fantastic and inspiring examples here! My Christmas tradition is making sure the log fire is burning and everyone has a cup of tea before we open any presents. My grown up sons still pull my leg over this when they come to visit over Christmas but they enjoy it really. Margie x

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