Today, Tammy has a wonderful technique showing us how to use only part of Inspired by Stamping sentiments! Don’t forget to scroll down to download the PDF! Hugs, Joanna


It’s Tammy here and I have a simple tip and trick on how to ink only part of your sentiment stamps without cutting them apart. Many times we have the perfect sentiment in our collections, but we only need to use part of it or maybe would like to use different colors to add visual interest. This really stretches the use of your stamps and no need to cut the words apart to achieve this goal. It’s the perfect way to customize what you have.

Gather some well-loved sentiment stamps!

You will need scotch tape, ink, and the item you are going to be stamping on. In my case, it’s a tag that I have created.

You are going to place a piece of scotch tape over the portion of the stamp you DO NOT want to ink up. This is a pretty neat trick to achieve only stamping part of your sentiment.

As you can see the left side with the ink pooling is the side with the Scotch Tape.

Be sure to pull the tape off before you stamp the image.

The cool thing about this technique is it allows you to mix fonts and sentiments from different sets to keep it interesting and get more bang for your buck!

Here is the completed sentiment tag! The edges have been distressed and the flower was stamped using the “Stamping Off” technique.

Listed below are the Inspired By Stamping stamps used.

· You from Inspiring Sentiments

· are from Big Treasures

· sweet from Cross Stitch

· as from Oh Baby

· Sugar from Yummy Food Labels

· Flower from Floral Love

Here is a card I created using this fun sentiment tag !

Hope you enjoyed this quick little tip! It’s a fun way to customize sentiments without cutting your stamps apart.

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