Happy Whoo Hoo Wednesday! A few weeks ago, a friend wrote to me asking me how to make homemade tags for my cards. I thought it was a great suggestion for a Whoo Hoo tutorial.

(I apologize for not having a video to share with you. My tripod is still packed away.)

To begin, grab your cutting board, punches, card stock and a pen/pencil.

Cut your cardstock to the size tag you would like for your card. Today’s tag is 2 x 4.

Mark the middle of the top of your card stock.

Next, mark the sides where you would like the angle of your tag to be. Here, I have marked them 1” from the top of the tag. Line the two dots up and cut both sides.

Here is what it looks like after cutting each angle.

Next, punch a hole in the center. For this tag, I rounded the corners. The possibilities are endless, so have fun!

Here are a couple of tags that I made that took me just a few minutes!

And here is my card, using one of the tags.

I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial!

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