Hello friends! Over the last few weeks, I have had many of you asking if Inspired by Stamping has an Angel Policy for the stamps. Yes we do. Below you can find the information you need or you can Click Here to view it at the store. Thanks so much!

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Inspired by Stamping® Angel Policy
At Inspired by Stamping® we would love to be part of your stamping experience, please feel free to use our stamps to create or personalize any papercrafting project whether it be cardmaking, scrapbooking or those truly special events in your life. We grant permission to make and sell artwork made with our stamps as long as you meet the following criteria:

  • All items must be hand-stamped and not mechanically or digitally reproduced in any form.
  • When sharing your creativity with our products on your blog please give us stamp credit for our products.
  • When submitting projects to online galleries or to magazines for publication, credit to Inspired by Stamping® should be given and whenever possible a link to our website www.inspiredbystamping.com

When creating cards or items for resale, credit to Inspired by Stamping® should be given on the back of the wrapping or item, and whenever possible our website www.inspiredbystamping.com

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