Hello my sweet friends! Thank you for dropping by today! I have part 2 of how to sew on a card today. I am sorry that my voice is a bit scratchy. I have a very annoying head cold when I did my video. I am feeling better but you can hear it in my video.

Also I just want to answer a few questions that I got last week about sewing…

What size needle do you use? I just use a standard regular sewing needle.

What tension do you use? When sewing on two layers, I use a tension between 4 & 5. But please remember that every sewing machine is different. You may need more or less.

What does the inside of the card look like? I am just stitching on the layers of my card. After I stitch on the card stock, I then adhere it to the card base using glue dots. So the inside of the card is still the same as if I didn’t sew on it.

Where is your sewing machine? I leave my sewing machine out on my little table. I use it every day on my cards. Having it on my table is great because I just turn it on and start sewing.

If you have any questions, please email me or leave a comment. I am hear to help. Thank you for stopping by and visiting me. I hope that these videos help.

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8 thoughts on “Whoo Hoo Wednesday ~ Part 2 Sewing on a Card

  1. AshaLatha R K Prasad says:

    Once u know it is easy, but pushing yourself to get that perfectly is the greatest challenge I face….. You do it so well & so neat… It always gives your creativity an extra edge over all the awesomeness!!! Thank u so much for inspiring to try it at least once…. Hugs)))
    Ash… 🙂

  2. Tania says:

    I actually looked forward to this video today. What kind of thread do you use? Thank you posting this. I love your cards!!!

  3. Pat Myers says:

    I LOVE your videos! I had a question about sewing on a card, as I’ve tried this before. What do you do with the “tails” of the thread that you cut off? Mine seem to be the beginning of unraveling of my stitches. Do you adhere them somewhere with something? Thanks so much.

  4. Linda Fisher says:

    Loved this video and the sewing questions and answer tips. Very informative, you make it look so easy! TFS

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