Hello friends! Happy Monday to you all! Today, I just didn’t have time to finish my card for you. I am soo sorry. I hope to be able to get to it this afternoon. Cross fingers and all, I will have a post for you later…. I just seemed to have run out of time to get it finished.

I have some projects that I have been working on the last few days for you. As you all know,  a few months back, I showed you my teeny tiny craft space that I share with my hubby who works from home too. Talk about small spaces! Our chairs actually hit each other while we are both sitting at our desks. But lately, some spots of my craft space are just not working for me and I have had to move things around and adjust.

So I thought I would share with you some redesigned spaces in my craft room. Some ideas, that I hope that might inspire you. AND if you have some ideas for me, PLEASE share them! I would love to see them!

Lots of hugs to you! Have a beautiful day!


DSC_1470 copy

At one point long ago, I had a lovely organized ribbon drawer. Click Here for a peak at it again. After months of making cards, this is how it looked last week. It was very frustrating trying to find things. Also I wanted to be able to pull out some ribbon and not the entire spool. So things had to change…

DSC_1471 copy

And here it is now. I used the retired ribbon containers from Stampin’ Up! I have had them for years but they were never the right size for my table. And now, they all fit in my drawers! It is so beautiful! And the best part about it is that it works! I can pull out just the amount of ribbon and it all stays in place! Yay! YeePee!! Smile

DSC_1472 copy

Here is another view!

DSC_1476 copy

Here is the container with all my grosgrain ribbon. It is now in the cupboard with my paper. It is wonderful to just pull this out, cut a piece of ribbon and put it back in place!

DSC_1477 copy

Here is a peak looking at a different angle.

DSC_1480 copy

A few other things to show you…Here is my new button case with all my gorgeous craft buttons that I use. All in one place that fits perfectly inside the drawer. It makes clean up a breeze!!! If you have seen my workshop videos, you know how much I just love these little containers!

DSC_1478 copy

Here are all my paper flowers all organized. I have a box for each color flower that I have. This one is for all my pinks and purples. Smile 

Well I hope you have enjoyed looking at my new organized ribbon drawer, buttons and flowers! I would love to hear what you think! Thank you for stopping by!

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9 thoughts on “Small Spaces re-organized…

  1. Carla Bazhenow says:

    Oh I love your organization. Fabulous use of that basket. I organize my flower like that too. How funny! How on earth do you work in the same room as hubby. Mine would drive me insane. Must be love… *smile* Hugs, C

  2. Jodi says:

    Great organization tips! I keep changing my mind on what I want as my collection grows. I used to be ok with taking my bins down & lids off all the time, but now they keep getting in my way since my corner desk gets in my way by design. Oh well, we keep changing & working with it until it works for us. My next purchase is going to be the SU ink spinner so nice handy place to just grab my ink when I need it.

  3. Peg Smith says:

    Hi Joanna I’m going go use your idea for flower
    Storage! It looks so nice. Read your blog everyday!

  4. Jennifer Reynard says:

    Wow, you have some great organizing ideas.
    Love the way your ribbon now fits in a drawer.
    The grosgrain pulling through the little holes in the basket is wonderful.
    Also, really like the idea of sorting flowers in the small containers as you have done.
    Well done!

  5. Valari says:

    Love the ribbon in the “crate” I think I need a trip to the Container Store. My ribbon is thrown in a vintage hat box, that I dig through everytime I need a piece. I wish I could be more organized, but I guess it’s part of my creative process. I love your cards, Joanna, and I’ll check back later to see your MM card.

  6. Mom says:

    Nana and I think this is a wonderful idea. In fact Nana thinks she’ll use the basket idea for her yarn! xoxo

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