imageHello my sweet friends! Are you enjoying your holiday weekend? Last weekend, I was awarded the Sweet Blog Award from my dear friend Jacque Craig. As part of this award I get to share eight random facts about myself and then pass the award onto 8 other bloggers.  So here they are:

1. My maiden name is Yeager. When I was a teenager, my class mates decided to call me Jagermeister. I have no idea why because I had never tried it back then. Winking smile

2. When I am not in my craft room, which I am quite a bit, I LOVE to read! I read all kinds of books on my Kindle. My hubby banned me from reading horror because I would get nightmares from them.

3. I love to cook! Since, I love going out to dinner but the budget won’t allow it everyday; I decided to cook as though I was going out to dinner. My favorite website is Cooking Light.

4. I have a PhD in nutrition. I love science, nature, whole foods and eating healthy. I love my garden and growing my own things too.

5. I also have a degree in Herbology. I use to make my own lotions, chap sticks, herbal baths. etc. I love making herbal remedies. My Mom makes amazing lotion and soap so I let her do that now.

6. I exercise 5 days a week. I love to run, do Turbo Jam (anything from Charlene Johnson!), yoga and lift weights! It makes me such a better person.

7. I love music. While making cards, I am always listening to music. At the moment I am learning French. It is my dream to go to France next year.

8. I never sleep in. I am always up by 5:30-5:45am having a cup of coffee checking my emails, google readers and seeing what all my blog friends are doing!

Here are my favorite 8 blogs (in no particular order) that I visit daily:

1. Mary Fish:

2. Linda Fisher:

3. Margaret Moody:

4. Pam:

5. Patti MacLeith:

6. Sarah Jane Kale:

7. Carla Bazhenow:

8. Ann Schach:

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11 thoughts on “Sweet Blog Award!

  1. Carla Bazhenow says:

    I’m here grazin’ to see what I’ve missed from you and here I am listed as one of your favs… how sweet and I’m so honored. I admire you and your creations, Joanna!!! I so love the additions you’ve been adding to your cards, the new lace, the stitching… I have bought 2 yards of white lace. I just can’t do Very Vanilla. lol Lace and flowers are my favs and so are you! Hugs,

  2. Pam Giudici says:

    Joanna, my friend, you are one busy and talented lady! Enjoyed reading about you and back at you for me checking out your blog daily! I always enjoy seeing what you’ve created! It’s honor being on your list of eight … thanks!
    Have a great 4th of July!

  3. Ann Schach says:

    Congratulations on your blog award, Joanna! I had no idea you had your PhD in nutrition. Wow! Your work is so soft and feminine! Thank you for the inspiration…and thank you for including me on your list of eight!

  4. Pat says:

    Thanks for sharing! We all knew you were a talented paper crafter, but not the rest. Have you ever had a job in the nutrition field? I have a BS in Nutrition but never finished the RD internship. What university did you attend? I also love to cook but I don’t share you love of exercising. I would much rather be creating cards and scrapbook pages!

  5. TXJennyWren says:

    Love your blog and faithfully read it. I, too, love gardening and growing things, as well as cooking and reading too! ANd of course SU! But just can’t get into exercising – hate to sweat!! ha see my blog at

  6. Tania says:

    Very interesting. You could have a whole side blog re: nutrition info. That is so impressive… a Ph.D! Awesome.
    Love your blog. I can only hope and pray that mine will one day be worthy of any kind of award.

  7. Maria A. says:

    Joanna, I am even more impressed you! Thanks for sharing so many glimpses into who you are and what makes you tick. You’re an amazing woman! You know you already inspire me daily with your beautiful art (cards,etc.)but now I’m inspired in a few more areas:) I’ll share later! Congrats!

  8. Nancy E says:

    Wow, you are a very busy and healthy person. I am fascinated by your knowledge of herbs, as I like tham too. I saw the Sweet Pea paper on ebay the other night. Email me for more details.

  9. Kathy t says:

    Joanna, Ah-ha! Amazing snipplets of your uniqueness- I also am taking a language -constantly working on Spanish -that comes fairly easy , but the language I take only as a challenge for the past year is Arabic -so so difficult -esp since the only person I know that speaks Arabic is my instructor. lol 2.also working on my PhD . ( no not in arabic! ) and an exerciser every day. Oh and never sleep in either -5:00 am feels right for me 🙂 Have a wonderful week-end with your family., Kathy T

  10. Barb in Ontario says:

    Sounds like you are a talented lady in many aspects of your life! Thanks for sharing!
    I check out a lot of the blogs you do, but I see there are some there that I need to have a look at!

  11. Patricia Willey says:

    Wow! That’s all very interesting! But Joanna! It all sounds too perfect! I wished you were able to humbly insert a bad habit you’re working on fixing! I really enjoy your posts. I appreciate your art work, and tutorials, and uplifting tone to the readers. You sure sound like a great girlfriend! God Bless!

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