Inspired by Stampin’ Tutorial:

DSC_1836 copy

Step 1: I used my Big Shot’s Birds & Blooms Die and cut out 4 Very Vanilla Flowers & 1 Whisper White flower.

DSC_1837 copy Step 2: Gently daube the flower with Crumb Cake ink making sure the center is darker then the outside leaves.

DSC_1838 copy

Step 3: Trim flowers as shown. Two flowers will have a slit cut into them to the middle, and the others will be cut into segments. Each piece will now become a different size layer of the finished rose. Discard smallest flower segment (the single petal), and you will now have 7 flower segments of varying sizes.

DSC_1839 copy

Step 4: Starting with one of the flowers (that still have all of their petals and just the slit cut into them), apply glue to one of the petals. Slightly curve the flower over itself so that one petal overlaps the glued petal. Secure by holding in place till it sets. This six petal flower has now become a dimensional five-petal flower, and will be your rose’s bottom layer. Do this to the second flower with just the slit cut into it. Continue doing this to all the segments. You should have dimensional layers in the following sizes: two- 5-petal, one- 4-petal, one- 3-petal, two- 2-petal, one center (this should look like a tightly rolled cone). As you are overlapping each layer, use your thumb nails to slightly curl petals in an outward direction.

DSC_1840 copy

Step 5: This is what it will look like when all the petals have been glued. (I am missing the last flower petal in this photo. oops)

DSC_1835 copy

Step 6: I used a pencil eraser to flatten the bottom of the 3 larger petals so that it will set better on my card. Cut off the bottom of the four little petals for perfect layering. Glue each layer on top of each other until you have this beautiful flower.

DSC_1846 copy


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  1. Sharon J. says:

    I love the look of your flower and the tutorial makes it look so easy to recreate. I definitely must try this.

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