Today I wanted to show you a quick and easy project featuring the decor elements. It has been a project that I needed to finished and now it is the end of the catalog season and these darling flowers are retiring. There are so many other beautiful flowers in the new catalog that can be used instead of these, please keep them in mind. These containers are on my desk looking glamorous now and I love the way that they turned out. I have them laying on their sides like the photo below. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!


Inspired by Stampin’ Tips:

  • I bought these for very cheap at an office supply store in the clearance rack. They are just brown cardboard.
  • I painted them both using white acrylic paint.
  • After the containers dried, I put these adorable flowers onto the box using the decor elements from the Stampin’ Up! Decor Elements Catalog. Click Here to view!
  • Total project time, 30 minutes. The paint might take a bit longer to dry but it was a warm day today and the paint dried very quickly.

DSC_1201 copy



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