Aren’t these amazing! I saw this on the world wide web yesterday and had to give it a try. I do not know who designed these great little flowers. But thank you, I love it. If you know who did, I would love to put your name up on my blog! They are totally adorable, chic and amazing. I am truly inspired! Here’s how to make them…

that you will need: Designer Paper, (if you use regular card stock please spritz with water to make it easier to crumble),  any large flower punch or scallop circle punch, paper-piercing tool, paper-piercing pad, vintage brads.


Step 1: Punch out 8 circles with your designer paper or card stock. Spritz each one if you are using regular card stock.


Step 2: Crumble each circle.


Step 3: Uncrumble each circle and stack one on top of the other.


Step 4: Pierce all 8 paper circles with your paper-piercing tool.

Step 5: Push a vintage brad through all 8 circles. 

Step 6: Lift each layer of flower to form a flower.


And now you have a fantastic flower that can go on any card, project, etc. These are so fantastic and they take only a couple minutes to make!


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