Hi everyone, I have had many questions about making the flowers that I posted recently on PPA and SplitCoastStampers. The instructions are a bit confusing so I tried to take my own photos step by step. I hope that these help. Please leave a comment and let me know. Joanna


Step 1: Use the 6×6 designer series paper. It
makes the flowers bigger and easier to work with. I did make them per
the directions the first time (4×4) and it was a lot harder to fold them and
work with. I did not have to cut the paper which helps because they were
the perfect size.


Step 2: Fold the paper in 1/2 to make a triangle.


Step 3 & 4: Bring the corners up to the top of the paper. The end result is a diamond shape.


Step 5: Fold back the top 2 layers outwards so that the edges that were running vertical in the center, now line up with the corner sides of the square underneath. If you have folded it correctly you should have 2 horizontal edges.

DSC_0329 Step 6: Now for the tricky part. Unfold your work that you have just done and open up your newly formed triangle.  I ended up putting my finger in the inside of the fold and brought the paper up. Next with the original creases press down. 


Step 7: Fold down the top of the paper. It will look like an upside down triangle. 


Step 8: Fold the paper in half again.  


Step 9: Once folded, glue the 2 outside faces together.


Step 10: This is where all those paper clips come in handy and you won’t have to sit and hold the paper until the glue dries. That was a bummer the first time I made one! A paper clip will hold the paper together and then you can move on to the next petal. In my last photo, you can see the paper clip holding it together. I hope that this helps! Please let me know. Good Luck Everyone!

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  1. Zelda says:

    This is the flower I’ve been looking for but not known what to call it or how it was made. Thanks so much for such good instructions.

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